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Coffee vs. Tea: What’s the Difference?

Of course, coffee sometimes sounds more like an addiction than a drink that’s good for you, and this is perhaps why tea gets the good reputation of being healthier. But is tea really that much better for you?

To some, coffee is an essential drug of sorts: a jolting liquid that staves away fatigue, headaches, and lack of motivation. Or perhaps you’re a recovering coffee addict who has now turned to the soothing varieties of tea to get a decent caffeine fix, just without the jitters.


Coffee has several health Benefits:

  • Boosts adrenaline: having it an hour before you physically exert yourself can improve your performance by up to 12%. If you labor physically or exercise, coffee can give you a boost that helps you do better.
  • Reduces health risks: it affects your body by reducing health risks in several ways. One example is a study that tested men and women drinking coffee regularly versus those who do not. The risk of developing endometrial cancer was reduced by 25% in women who were regular coffee drinkers. Additionally, coffee reduces the risk of experiencing a stroke, developing Parkinson’s disease, and developing Type II diabetes. This benefit is only for regular coffee drinkers.
  • Helps you focus: an obvious benefit of coffee is that it helps people stay alert and focus. Many people drink coffee in the morning to help them wake up and be ready for work.
  • Brightens your mood: it can also benefit you by making you feel happier. This happens with the coffee stimulating your central nervous system. You are likely to feel less depressed and more upbeat.


As you can see, coffee has many benefits, but let’s take a look at tea:

  • Reduces health risks: many studies have been done to see the beneficial effects of tea. These studies have shown possible connections between tea and good health. Let’s highlight a few. First of all, tea can reduce the likelihood of having a stroke or a heart attack. This effect only applies to the drinkers of green tea who drink on a daily basis. Additionally, new data is showing a possible relationship between green tea and the reduction of bone loss. Lastly, tea helps you battle cancer and keep your immune system running. As you can see, tea can positively affect your health in many ways.
  • Contains no calories: finding something tasteful to consume while not upping your calorie count can be hard. However, tea contains no calories(unless you add sugar, etc). An additional benefit to this no calories part is that tea offers so many flavors. There is sure to be a few that appeal to you. You get a taste without calories.
  • Helps your smile: tea helps you keep a bright smile by not staining your teeth. One study in Japan says they have found that tea actually helps prevents tooth decay. When you drink tea, it changes a ph found in your mouth to a property that is beneficial for your teeth.
  • Contains antioxidants: this part means that our body will stay young and keep performing well as the tea gives you antioxidants that keep your body from “rusting.”

What is better for you coffee or tea?

Tea and coffee both benefit the body in different ways. The drink that is most beneficial to your body, depends on your health problems and how you personally react to different levels of caffeine. In the end, both are appetizing drinks that can benefit you if you partake in them regularly. 

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