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10 Very Unhealthy Foods And You Should Avoid

Unhealthy Foods

Our modern lifestyle has definitely made life easy. Every day, new inventions bring in more comfort. But this ‘comfortable’ lifestyle has brought its own share of problems. Our health suffers every day and there has been a spike in lifestyle diseases. The primary reason behind these diseases is the increased intake of unhealthy food. Most of the food we eat today provide little or no nutrition. On the contrary, they pile on the pound and trigger inflammation. They also reduce the nutritional value of the food. Yes, most of these unhealthy foods taste great, but is that enough reason to play with your health? A healthy lifestyle demands nutritious food intake with regular exercise. A balanced diet provides the required nutrition to your body. It also helps you maintain the ideal body weight.

The first of these is the cache of extra fat in the body. Many of these unhealthy foods contain a high amount of fat, which may not be completely used up by the body, and are stored by the body in the process. This accumulation of fat consequently leads to obesity, high cholesterol, and cardiac diseases. Another serious problem that unhealthy foods cause is that they predispose you to diabetes. There are many ways to cut off your fat quickly. A single meal of these appetizing foods is loaded with more sugar and carbohydrates than your body will need in three days. When you eat a single meal with too many carbohydrates, your body begins to struggle with balancing the amount of sugar.

When this is done persistently, insulin, which is responsible for regulating blood sugar, may not be produced in the quantity required to stabilize the body, which may lead to diabetes. Other health problems include tooth decay and fertility issues in men due to excess sugar. Discussed below are the top 40 unhealthy and so-called healthy foods that you should try to avoid completely.

List of Unhealthy Foods –  Top 10:

Now you might end up asking as to what food items fall in the category of unhealthy foods. Well, these food items have almost become a part of our life as we consume them on a regular basis. From the grilled chicken of KFC to the cheeseburger of Mc. Donald’s, we just can’t resist consuming them. We do not even realize that we are loading our bodies with unhealthy saturated fat, trans-fats, and cholesterol. Health experts and nutritionists often criticize fast foods as unhealthy. Given below are the most unhealthy foods that are extremely unhealthy and fattening:

1. Mayonnaise:

We all love to have mayonnaise on our sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and pizzas. We do not even realize that we are loading our bodies with unwanted fat and calories. Mayonnaise isn’t that unhealthy if you consume it in moderation. But we love a thick crust of mayonnaise. Just a quarter cup serving of mayonnaise can load your body with 360 calories and 40 grams of fat. So, restrict its consumption. Switch to low-calorie condiments like mustard, salsa, BBQ sauce or taco sauce. You can also use light mayonnaise, which contains just 35 calories and 3.5 grams of fat in one tablespoon.

2. Trans Fat:

Trans fat is a toxic fat that increases bad cholesterol and reduces the good cholesterol which makes him unhealthy Foods. It also damages blood vessels. Just one tablespoon of it packs a whopping 100 calories, which is, off-course, not good for your waistline. Butter is a healthier option. You can consume a small amount of whipped butter available in tubs. Otherwise, go for the trans-fat-free brands of stick margarine.

3. Ghee:

Ghee is a favorite ingredient in Indian recipes. It is basically clarified butter with an intense taste. Just a few drops of ghee, add loads of flavor to any food, from veggies to meat. And it does not cause any harm as long as you are consuming a few drops. But, you should keep it in mind that ghee is high in saturated fat and excess consumption can increase your cholesterol levels. Olive oil is a healthy substitute for ghee. You can also combine a teaspoon of olive oil with half a teaspoon of ghee to toss roasted or steamed veggies.

4. Whole-Milk Yoghurt:

Earlier, we mentioned how whole milk products can raise your calorie intake. Whole milk dairy products, such as whole milk yogurt, are no better as they have a similar effect on your body. It is important to keep an eye on your portion size. Just 1 cup serving of full-fat plain yogurt contains 160 calories. Instead, you can switch to fat-free yogurt, which contains just 110 calories.

5. French Fries:

French fries are undoubtedly one of the most loved snacks. The crunchy and crispy potatoes are irresistible and we usually end up eating more than we should that makes him unhealthy Foods. The fact is that these fries add kilos to your frame. It is important to do moderate exercise or consume more fruits and vegetables. The occasional indulgence is, of course, acceptable and harmless.

6. Theatre Popcorn:

This popular theatre snack is loaded with calories and fat. These popcorn kernels are popped in enormous quantities of coconut oil, which contains more than 90% saturated fat. Besides, in theatres, most of us indulge in the habit of munching these snacks. A medium size packet contains 20 cups of popcorn. It packs about 1200 calories and 60 grams of saturated fat in it. Their calorie content is equivalent to 3 large sized fast food burgers. The saturated fat in it is equivalent to a full stick of butter. Like most unhealthy food items, they also have a healthy substitute in the form of low-cal-air popped or microwave popcorn. These popcorns contain just 30 calories in 1 cup of serving.

7. Most Fruit Juices:

Fruit juice is often assumed to be healthy, but this is a mistake. Many fruit juices are actually little more than fruit-flavored sugar water. It is true that the juice contains some antioxidants and vitamin C, but this must be weighed against a large amount of liquid sugar. In fact, fruit juice contains just as much sugar as a sugary drink like Coke or Pepsi, and sometimes even more

8. Gluten-Free Junk Foods:

Gluten-free is all the rage these days. About a third of people in the US are actively trying to avoid gluten, according to a 2013 survey. The problem with many gluten-free diets is that people replace gluten-containing foods with processed junk foods that happen to be gluten-free. These gluten-free replacement products are often high in sugar, unhealthy oils and refined grains like corn starch or tapioca starch. These refined starches lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar and are extremely low in essential nutrients.

9. High-Calorie “Coffee” Drinks:

Coffee has been unfairly demonized. It is actually very healthy and loaded with antioxidants. Studies also show that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of serious diseases, like type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s. Unfortunately, stuff is sometimes added to coffee that turns this wonderful beverage into harmful sludge. If your “coffee” has a ton of artificial creamer and sugar, then it is NOT good for you. It is loaded with liquid, empty calories, and will be just as unhealthy as any other sugar-sweetened beverage.

10. Deep Dish Pizza:

We all are in love with deep dish pizza because of its thick and dense crust that offers a great taste. But the excess dough in the crust can greatly increase your calorie count. Additionally, the fattening whole-milk cheese and greasy meat toppings comprising of bacon, sausage, and pepperoni also add more calorie. A two-slice serving can load your system with 1300 calories and 24 grams of saturated fat that clogs your arteries. It is difficult to give up your favorite pizza, but you need not do so. Opt for a thin crust pizza that contains less starch and has veggies like onions, peppers, mushrooms, and broccoli instead of meat toppings. This will fill you up and provide nutrition at the cost of just 250 calories!

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